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PARC Disposals Ltd. Started operations in 1977. PARC Disposals were the pioneers of introducing portable sanitation to the southern Caribbean. At that time portable sanitation had never been used in Trinidad and Tobago. PARC Disposals basically jumped the gun in preparing for the serious environmental concerns that businesses were about to be faced with today in the sanitation field.

HSE Policy

We provide:
- Portable Toilets
- Portable Sinks
- Handicap Units
Rentals of :
- Toilets, Urinals,
- Hand washing sinks
- Waste Removal
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Welcome to Parc Disposals Ltd.  Professionals in Portable Sanitation for over 30 years.  >  Portable Toilet Rentals  >  Liquid Waste Removal  >  Portable Sinks  >
PARC Disposals Ltd. Started operations with fifty chemical toilets and a one service truck. Today PARC Disposals have over fifteen hundred portable toilets and a fleet of service vehicles.  PARC Disposals also has a complete maintenance and repair shop for its products and vehicles.
While it took us a few years to have the PARC Disposals portable sanitation system accepted we stuck with our vision and eventually one by one companies started seeing the benefits of portable sanitation.  Some immediate benefits to customers were boosting worker morale, improving corporate image, publicly showing that you care for your workers safety, health and the environment and cost savings.
Today it is common to see PARC Disposals portable toilets on any construction site from a simple house renovation to mega petrochemical plant.



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